Frederica Wilson's 25 Best Hats

Frederica Wilson was the winner of the Democratic primary in Florida District 17, and will almost certainly fill the vacancy left behind by Kendrick Meek in the next United States Congress. She is also a state legislator, mother, grandmother, founder of the 5000 Role Models program, former principal and former member of the Miami-Dade School Board. She is a woman of many hats.

No, literally. She has a crazy amount of hats. More than 300. They have their own room in her house, and she is never seen without one.

Take a look for yourself. We've rounded up the 25 best ones we could find.

25. Brown Derby Hat

24. Blue Bonnet Hat

23. Just Got Back from Santa Fe Hat

22. Walking on Sunshine Hat

21. Weeeerk! Hat

20. I never know what to call this shade, is it fuchsia or magenta hat

19. Tie For Same Decorations Different Hat Shapes Hats


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