Frank Martin on Miami Coaching Rumors: "No One Has Called Me"

Regardless of what's actually on the mind of University of Miami interim athletics director Tony Hernandez, the media has already anointed Kansas State coach Frank Martin the frontrunner for the Canes' open basketball coaching job because of his considerable connections to the Miami area (connections that involve a past high school basketball cheating scandal). But Martin said no one has contacted him and he is quite happy where he is.

"No one has called me," Martin told the Topeka Capital-Journal. "I've got a great job. I work with great people."

"But I haven't talked to anybody," he continued. "In this business, it's hard to ever sit back and say, 'Never say never,' because then you get called a liar. I have a tough time lying. It's not what I do. But I'm extremely happy. I'm not going to tell you there's never going to be change, but I'm at peace where I'm at right now."

Though one of the reasons Martin says he is so happy is because of the "incredible community" and "incredible history and tradition of this basketball program." Kansas State regularly plays in front of sold-out crowds and frequently participates in the NCAA tournament.

Those are things that really can't be found with the Hurricanes basketball program, which has always lingered behind football and baseball in terms of popularity and success.

However, Martin grew up in Miami, and his mother still lives here. Who knows if family ties and a chance to make an impact in the ACC will be strong enough to lure him to Coral Gables or, for that matter, if anyone will actually give him a call.

No disrespect to Al Golden, but can we really expect the Hurricanes hoop team to actually make a bigger splash in hiring this year than the football team?

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Kyle Munzenrieder