Fort Myers Cop Fired After Staging a Crime in Desperate Scheme to Propose to Ex-Girlfriend

It's a story as old as time. Boy cop meets girl cop. Boy cop and girl cop date for a while. Girl cop dumps boy cop. Boy cop stages a fake crime in hopes that girl cop will show up at the scene so he can propose to her and save their relationship. Sounds right out of a fairy tale, doesn't it?

According to The Fort Myers News-Press, Fort Myers police officer Jason Moore devised a desperate and illegal scheme in order to win back his ex-girlfriend, who is also a police officer.

Moore called police dispatcher Joeleen Jeffery and asked her to enter a fake crime report and instructed her to make sure the ex-girlfriend responded to the scene.

Another dispatcher, Michael Grimmit, ended up inputting the crime report, saying that a black male was looking inside car windows parked outside the Edison Mall. (Ugh, of course the fake crime involved a black male. Not only is this scheme pathetic, but it throws in a lil' racial profiling too.)

Problem was that four other cops showed up on the scene before the ex-girlfriend arrived. Apparently, Moore was going to stick to the scheme until she showed up. He later told investigators he thought it was his only chance to talk to her since the break-up.

Grimmit realized the situation was getting a little out of control and finally confessed to a police sergeant that the whole thing was staged so that Moore, he believed, could propose to the ex.

Moore, Jeffery and Grimmett have all been fired.

[News-Press: Lovelorn cop fired for fake incident]

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Kyle Munzenrieder