Fort Lauderdale Cops Are Still Arresting Dozens for Biking While Black

Ornan Antoine was just trying to get home. It was a rain-laced July night around midnight in 2013. The stocky, gap-toothed Haitian was pedaling down SW 28th Avenue, heading from a buddy's house to his own sea-green single-story bungalow a few blocks over in the Melrose Park section of Fort Lauderdale. Drops were crashing down; the then-49-year-old's sandal kept slipping off his wet pedals, so he hopped off to walk the black bike. He then noticed two parked Fort Lauderdale Police cars idling on the residential block.

Quickly, Antoine was hit with a question that is an all-too-familiar refrain in Fort Lauderdale's black neighborhoods: "Is that bike registered?"

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Kyle Swenson