Former Police Chief Exposito Loses Appeal, Won't Get His Job Back

Former Miami police chief Miguel Exposito will remain the former police chief. After being fired by the city commission in September 2011, Exposito had his lawyers file a suit claiming the commission had no basis for firing him and that the termination was strictly political.

A panel of Miami-Dade judges today ruled that was not the case.

Exposito's firing came after he failed to obey the orders of City Manager Johnny Martinez. Martinez asked the chief not to demote three senior officers, but Exposito did it anyway.

After a tense commission meeting, Exposito was ultimately given the ax, with formerly embattled Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones delivering the swing vote in her most significant action since winning her own post back.

Exposito's problems had begun long before the demotions, though. His police force was under fire for a string of fatal shootings of black men, some unarmed. That ultimately led to the currently ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice. Exposito also feuded with Mayor Tomas Regalado over gaming machines. Exposito claimed Regalado offered him a $400,000 bribe to leave office. That claim remains unsubstantiated.

The three-judge panel ruled that Exposito was afforded due process during his termination and that the commission had collected enough evidence to fire him.

Manuel Orosa has since stepped into the position of police chief. 

Exposito's lawyers tell CBS 4 he's still considering a civil suit against the city. Read the judges' full decision here (via CBS4):

Expo Denied

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