Former Obama Campaign Bigwig Parts Ways with Kendrick Meek

Kendrick Meek's hiring of Steve Hildebrand to run his Senate campaign was supposed to be a message that his candidacy was to be taken seriously. Hildebrand was deputy national campaign director for a little campaign you might have heard of -- Barack Obama's run for president. Hildebrand spent the closing days in Florida and helped deliver the Sunshine State. 

Meek quickly signed him up to run his Senate campaign.

According to Naked Politics, though, Meek and Hildebrand have quietly parted ways. 

But Meek's spokesperson, Ana Cruz, is spinning it like Hildebrand was meant to partake only in the early stages: 

Hildebrand Strategies was contracted to draft and implement the initial phase of a robust field plan which was successfully accomplished with the launch of the campaign's history making petition drive. That petition plan drafted by Hildebrand Strategies is now being implemented by the campaign's staff and network of volunteers and grassroots activists with petitions being submitted from each of Florida's 67 counties.

One has to wonder if perhaps Hildebrand, who has all the makings of a political campaign superstar, wants his first major post-Obama campaign to be one that has a better chance of winning. One couldn't blame him after seeing Charlie Crist's eye-popping early fundraising numbers. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.