Former Newt Gingrich Staffer: Rubio's Run is Just Stupid

So today, some guy, literally some random conservative person, calls Marco Rubio the "Cuban Newt Gingrich." And then someone who used to actually work with Gingrich calls Rubio's uphill battle against Charlie Crist "stupid." 

Matt Towery used to be a political strategist for Gingrich himself and heads up a new non-partisan polling corporation when he's not busy writing political columns

Today he told the Times/Herald that his Senate run is "the biggest political mistake I've seen made this year."

"I cannot for the life of me figure out why Rubio is running against Crist for U.S. Senate," Towery told the Times/Herald. "I think it's stupid. U.S. Senate races do not get the name recognition that governor's races do, so if he's running for that reason, he's not going to get it."

Towery thinks Rubio is being used, and should run for Governor instead.

Honestly, we think this is how the whole thing is going to play out: Rubio will fail miserably in the senate primary, and then McCollum will add him on his ticket as Lt. Gov.

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