Former Miami Hurricane Dan Sileo Goes on Epic Rant About Team on WQAM

Dan Sileo was a defensive lineman for the Miami Hurricanes 1986 team. That's a squad that was voted the most hated sports team in history. Yet, we're not sure that anyone hated that team as much as Sileo hates the current iteration of the 'Canes right now. Sileo unleashed an epic, curse-laden rant on his WQAM show in which he claimed he was "going to have an aneurysm" and that the program has lost all respect.

"Dude, when you got a quarterback standing there when he does a quarterback sneak, do you know what I want someone to do?" asks Sileo in one enraged movement. "Pull a knife on 'em, and stick 'em! Gauge his eyes! Hit him in the knees! Kick him in the balls! Something! Show me you care! Jesus Christ almighty."

"You play for the University of Miami, not for fricking FIU," he shouts at another point.

Yeah, dude is mad.

Though, he appears to be a bit of misinformed about part of his outrage. He claims that the program has lost so much respect that after K-State basically destroyed the 'Canes on Saturday for one of the team's worst loses in years, that the Wildcats didn't move up in the polls. Which, isn't true. They moved from 21 up to 15. So, you know, there's that.

And some readers got angry at us for our lackluster appraisal before the season kicked off, but at least we avoided having a literal aneurysm.

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