Former Marlins Excel in Fall Classic

Watching Cody Ross rip through Major League Baseball's postseason got us

wondering about former Florida Marlins who have tasted sweet

success during the Fall Classic since the team won the World Series

in 2003.

Watching these cats succeed only convinces us more that the Marlins gave up on a dynasty in exchange for being the

team with the lowest payroll in baseball.


World Series Champion former Marlins after the jump:

Josh Beckett. The Boston Red Sox pitcher's 2-0 record and 1.93 ERA against the Cleveland Indians in the 2007 American League Championship Series earned him the MVP award. He pitched seven innings, struck out nine batters and allowed one run in Boston's win over the Colorado Rockies during the first game of the World Series. The Red Sox swept the series 4-0.

Mike Lowell. The ex-Marlins third baseman, who came to the Red Sox with Beckett via a trade, had a batting average of .400 with one homerun during the 2007 World Series. He also scored six runs and had a stolen base on his way to becoming only the second Puerto Rican player (behind Roberto Clemente) named series MVP.

A.J. Burnett. The pitching ace made his first ever World Series start last year in game two against the Philadelphia Phillies. The New York Yankee won the game, with Burnett pitching seven innings, recording nine strike-outs, and allowing only one run.Joe GirardiCody Ross. The Marlins put him on waivers this past August. Three months later, Ross won the National League Championship Series MVP by leading the San Francisco Giants in the postseason with a .324 average, four home runs and eight RBIs. Now his team is two wins away from winning the title.

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