Former Florida Senator Connie Mack Turned Down Chance to Be George W. Bush's Running Mate

Former Vice President Dick Cheney's memoir In My Time, hits book stores on Tuesday and Cheney promises the book will pack tons of shocking revelations. Perhaps not the most jaw dropping, but interesting none the less is that it could have been former Florida Senator Connie Mack serving as Vice President, and not Cheney. 

Before eventually taking the spot himself, Cheney was charged by George W. Bush to head up the committee to select a vice presidential candidate back in 2000. Apparently no one wanted to run, and Cheney asked Connie Mack if he'd be interested. 

"Sen. Connie Mack (Fla.) told Cheney that he did not want to be considered,"

reports the Washington Post


It's not surprising considering Mack's political ambitions had run dry by that point. He didn't seek re-election to the Senate after serving two terms. 

Though, if Mack would have accepted it could have changed history. Sort of. Remember that whole Florida election controversy back in 2000? It's conceivable Mack's popularity in Florida would have been enough to put Bush ahead enough to actually and fairly win the election with out any sort of hullabaloo. 

Mack may not be the last Florida Republican Senator to be offered a chance to run as VP only to turn it down. Buzz is Marco Rubio is a hot prospect to join the eventual 2012 GOP ticket, but he's said time and time again he's not interested. 

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