Former Chair Jim Greer Faces Criminal Charges for Raiding $200,000 From Florida GOP

Jim Greer, Charlie Crist's personal pick to head the Republican Party of Florida, now faces a criminal investigation over allegations that he misdirected $200,000 of party funds to a company he partially owned.

Greer, who resigned under pressure and protests from party fundraisers in January, reportedly signed a secret fund-raising contract with then-executive party director Delmar Johnson. The company, Victory Strategies, was supposed to raise money for the party. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the majority of that company was owned by Greer and that the contract paid at least $200,000 to both Greer and Johnson.

An outside auditor was also unable to confirm that Greer's party credit card charges spent on travel, meals and entertainment were for legitimate party business. He also received more than $50,000 reimbursements that the firm cannot confirm were for official party business.

Greer was picked by Crist to lead the party, though usually the party head is picked from within the state committee. Greer was a former councilman from Ovieda, Fl. He first raised the ire of some party members when it seemed he was putting Crist's political ambitions above the party's and discouraged others from running for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat. Crist is now trailing in polls for that nomination to Marco Rubio by double digits.

Mismanagement of party money forced several top fundraisers to draft an open letter stating that they had lost confidence in Greer's leadership ability. John Thrasher replaced him as the party's head.

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