For Jeb Bush, Not Running For President is a Full-Time Job

Of all the things Jeb Bush has done since leaving the Governor's office -- working on education reform, making a living, maybe secretly still running the state -- the thing he's done most publicly is not running for president. That Jeb is always out there not running for president. Just today he was hot on the trail of not running for president by making headlines by saying he's not running for president.

This isn't any different from a month ago when he told The New York Times he wasn't running for president. Or about a year ago when he told Tucker Carlson in Esquire that he wasn't running for president. Then there was that time in May he told the Weekly Standard he wasn't running for president, and that time last September when he told a conference call of a hundred people he wasn't running for president.

Sometimes he gets his son to not run for president for him.

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Remember when he said last year he wasn't running for Senator either? Or that time when a bunch of people wanted him to run in 2008 and he replied by earnestly and tirelessly not running for president.

So sorry Jeb lovers, unless he is a giant liar, he is not running for president. At least in 2012. We'll see if he's still busy not running for president by 2016.

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