Football: Clemson Would Love to Upset Miami's Cake Walk

​While UCF was an easy win, watching their defense sack Jacory Harris six times wasn't a pretty picture. Especially considering that the on-going saga of Sam Bradford's shoulder was still fresh in the mind. It's not exactly great news that this week the Hurricanes take on the 12th ranked defense in the nation in the Clemson Tigers. 

Sure, sure, the rest of the Canes season is supposedly a cake walk, but they don't want to end up with pie on their face, and Clemson might be one of the hardest tests left this year. 

Clemson is talented, but a bit unpredictable. In their game against Georgia Tech the Yellow Jackets put 21 unanswered points on the board in the first quarter. That should have been game over, considering Clemson was on the road, but they battled back and managed to take the lead in the fourth, before ultimately losing by just 3 points. They also battled the Canes to triple over-time last time they played -- but we're not sure how much that matters considering both teams have a new roster and new head coaches. 

Clemson still has a shot at winning the Atlantic division and would move into a tie for first, but as we all know, Miami's hopes of winning the Coastal division rely on winning out. 

That being said, we'll put on our smiley, Jacory Harris-mandated Sponge Bob faces and remain optimistic. The Canes have manhandled better teams this season, have home-field advantage, and just about every prediction is coming down in UM's favor. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder