Fontainebleau Heir's Wife Charged in Connection With His Murder

The bizarre saga of Ben Novack Jr. -- the amputee-porn-lovin' Fontainebleau heir found murdered in a New York hotel room last summer -- is finally closer to a conclusion.

His wife, Narcy Novack, and three other accomplices were indicted in New York today and charged with tying him to a chair, beating him, cutting him, and smothering him with a pillow. Somehow none of the three faces murder charges.

Narcy Novack has been a prime suspect in her husband's murder ever since she found his bludgeoned body inside a Rye Brook, New York hotel room July 12 last year.

Reports soon emerged that the two had an epically stormy relationship, and whispers began about a bizarre 2002 home invasion complaint at the couple's Fort Lauderdale estate.

A few weeks later, Fort Lauderdale Police finally released a report from the 2002 incident -- and, boy, was it weird.

You can read our story about the report here, but Ben Novack accused his wife of conspiring with the mob to steal millions from the house. Narcy countered with accusations that Ben loved amputee porn, beat her, forced her to get breast implants, and kept a portable urinal next to his bed for fun.

Now, New York Police say Narcy conspired with three men -- Cristobal Veliz, Dennis Ramirez, and Joel Gonzalez -- to beat Ben to death in his hotel room.

On July 12, Narcy let the three men into the Hilton in Rye Brook; watched as they tied up, beat, and cut Ben; and then handed a pillow to Joel Gonzalez, who then smothered Ben, according to the indictment. Narcy later gave the men some of Ben's jewelry.

The complaint charges the four only with conspiracy to commit interstate domestic violence and stalking. It's not clear why murder charges weren't also filed.

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