Fontainebleau Black Widow Narcy Novack Connected to Yet Another Murder Attempt

In today's roundup of midsummer bummers: Fontainebleau black widow Narcy Novack is connected with yet another murder plot, a Miami Beach hotel ruins a couple's wedding but offers to hold the ceremony in a sandwich shop, the Founding Fathers shed tears of joy over the return of a very patriotic entrepreneur's van, and feline AIDS is still a big problem.

Narcy Novack keeps getting accused of killing people. First she was accused of killing her rich husband, Ben Novack Jr., of the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel Novacks. Then she was connected to the death of her mother-in-law.

Now feds have accused her of trying to orchestrate another killing, this time of a witness in the case. Ay dios mio, Narcy, you can't just go around killing or trying to kill people all the time. You especially can't go around killing people to hide your previous killings. What happens if the killing of the witness created more witnesses? Would you kill them all too? Then you'd just have more witnesses! It's really a pointless game, Narcy.

Of course, Narcy pleaded not guilty to the charges related to her husband's death. Prosecutors alleged she let two men into her hotel room, watched them beat him with dumbbells, and ordered them to cut out his eyes. What leads someone to do something like that? Oh, right, she could have inherited $10 million. [JustNews | CBS4]

  • A couple was set to have their wedding at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach, but the night beforehand, the hotel told them the ballroom was closed for fire inspection but they could have their wedding in the lobby, basement, or sandwich shop. Basically, the hotel sounds like it screwed over the couple, and you'd be better off getting married in a respectable sandwich shop, like Subway. That Buffalo chicken sammy is to die for, BTW. [NBCMiami]
  • Last night, two cars clipped each other while getting on I-95. One lost control and careened into a canal, where the driver died. [NBCMiami]
  • A local man loves America and capitalism so much he makes his living selling American flags out of his truck. It was working out for him pretty well until his truck was stolen. But it's been found, and an eagle weeps tears of joy. USA! USA! [WSVN]
  • Here comes Debbie Downer: Feline AIDS is still a major problem for South Florida's kitty population. Womp wooooomp. [NBCMiami]

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