Floridians Warned Not to Interrupt Big Manatee Orgies

If you see a large group of manatees suddenly show up in shallow water and start rubbing up against each other, there's a good chance they're humping, and you shouldn't try to interrupt them.

Recently, such a group has appeared near Siesta Beach on Siesta Key, and wildlife officials have had to remind people not to jump in the water to play with the mating manatees.

WTSP puts it like this:

People have been observed getting in the water and trying to interact with the herds, but that can disrupt their normal mating behavior. And with manatees weighing around 1,000 pounds, people getting too close risk injury.

The group of up to 20 manatees was first spotted late last week, and officials say it could be in the area for a couple of weeks.

The sea cows usually exhibit such behavior when they're trying to get their groove on. Unfortunately, manatees do not have any door knobs to hang socks on to notify you that they need privacy. So just take the hint and let the manatees get it on in peace.

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