Floridians Prefer Rubio Over Bush for Prez in 2016, But Like Hillary Clinton Even More

Another day, another poll that shows that while Marco Rubio is the clear early frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2016, he can't quite match up to Hillary Clinton in a general election yet.

The latest poll from Public Policy Polling was only of Florida voters, and shows that Rubio would beat former Governor Jeb Bush, once considered untouchable in Florida, in a primary, but that all Republicans would lose the state's electoral votes to Clinton.

Among nine possibly candidate, 31 percent of Florida Republicans prefer Marco Rubio. Bush gets 26 percent. Mike Huckabee (now an official Florida resident as well) would get 11 percent. No one else registers in the double digits.

Meanwhile, 65 percent of Florida Democrats would prefer Hillary Clinton as their nominee. Joe Biden, at 15 percent, is the only other to get double digits.

In a head-to-head match-up, Clinton would beat Rubio in Florida 50-46. She beats Bush 49 to 44.

Clinton also has the highest favorability or approval rating of any politician asked about in Florida. Here's the numbers for each (favorable or approval /unfavorable or disapprove/not sure):

President Obama (job approval): 50/48/2
Sen. Bill Nelson (job approval): 43/40/17
Sen. Marco Rubio (job approval): 49/36/15
Hillary Clinton (favorability): 52/41/6
Jeb Bush: 51/35/14

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