Florida's Democratic Party Is a Joke, but Who Is the Punchline: Its Leaders or Voters?

For four years, Florida Democrats giggled with glee at every Rick Scott failure. They practically drooled with expectation as Scott's approval ratings sunk further than a boat in the Bermuda Triangle. They thought there was no way they could lose to this guy again, but last night they did, and Charlie Crist actually did slightly worse than Alex Sink had four years earlier.

Not only did they lose the governor's mansion for a fifth election in a row, but they also lost every single cabinet race, failed to make a dent in the state Senate, and lost enough seats in the state House for Republicans to claim a super-majority.

Last night wasn't just a minor embarrassment for the party, but another massacre. Even more so when you consider Barack Obama won here twice, Florida has more registered Democrats than Republicans, and independents tend to tilt ever so slightly to the left.

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Kyle Munzenrieder