Florida's 12th-Graders Are Really, Really Bad at Math

Only 20 percent of Florida's 12th-graders in public schools are considered proficient at math. For those of you bad at math, that means only one out of five. For those of you really, really bad at math, pick your favorite member of One Direction and pretend he's the only one who is good at math. The rest of them kind of suck at it.

According to The Nation's Report Card, released today by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Florida lags 7 points behind the country's average.

Here's a demographic breakdown of how students performed.

Overall, Florida's score remained flat since the last time students were tested for the Nation's Report Card in 2009. Hispanics were the only group to improve.

"The report issued today shows that Florida's Hispanic students are definitely making progress toward closing the achievement gap," Florida education secretary Pam Stewart said in a statement. "I am very proud of their hard work and thank Florida's teachers for their exceptional dedication to student success. We need to keep the momentum moving forward to ensure our children are prepared for college, a career, and life."

Also notable is that there was no significant gap between boys and girls.

The results were a bit better for reading, but even there, Florida was two points behind the national average.

The gender gap, however, did exist in reading, with girls scoring on average 12 points higher than boys.

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