Florida Woman Slashes Boyfriend After He Refuses to Have Sex

A lot of weird things happen in Florida each week. Every Friday, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: a woman who can't take rejection well, another who doesn't even care whose chicken and biscuits she's eating, and a third with a suspicious bulge.

Woman Slashes Boyfriend After He Refuses Sex
Yanilca Ortiz-Burgos just wanted her boyfriend to penetrate her. Instead, police say, she ended up penetrating him — with a knife, that is. The 37-year-old Deltona woman was arrested after she allegedly slashed her 47-year-old boyfriend in the stomach with a knife. 

According to the boyfriend, Ortiz-Burgos had been drinking all night when she walked into the bedroom early Sunday morning and demanded sex. He refused, and she flew into a rage and began attacking him. She swung a knife at him, which caused a small laceration to his stomach. The fight wound up outside in front of children who also lived in the home.

The boyfriend declined to press charges but told the Daytona Beach News Journal: “One thing is certain. This relationship is over.”

Daughter Attacks Mother Over Chicken and a Biscuit 
Kristin Michelle Howard, a 31-year-old Bunnell resident who lives with her mother, returned home drunk last Friday and fixed herself a plate of chicken and a biscuit

Howard's mother soon began yelling at her for coming home in such a messy state and for eating food that wasn't hers. Howard told her she didn't care and ended up smashing the plate of food, punching her mother, and throwing tea at her. 

Howard tried to leave, but Mom grabbed her daughter's keys and called police instead.
Woman Found With All Sorts of Drugs Hidden in Her Pants 
Gainesville Police decided to check out a woman's bulge, and, well, they found all sorts of drugs. 

According to the Gainesville Sun
, police pulled over a 2005 Dodge Magnum last Sunday and smelled the stench of marijuana. The driver, Arthur Lee Clayton, didn't have any ID on him and was promptly handcuffed. 

Passenger Starr Simone Davis agreed to a body search but tried to run away as police neared a bulge in the crotch of her pants. She was quickly caught and the contents of the bulge revealed: "12 grams of crack cocaine; less than half a gram of higher quality, 'wet' cocaine; 18 small baggies totaling five grams of powder cocaine; and another baggie containing three grams of MDMA." 
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Kyle Munzenrieder