Florida Woman Says She Tipped Off FBI About Subway Jared Years Ago

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week. On Fridays, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: proof that there's always a Florida connection, a flash-happy defendant, and two thieves who really need to get better at covering their tracks. 

Florida Woman Claims She Knew About Jared Fogel for Years 
Proving there's always a Florida connection, Rochelle Herman of Sarasota, a former journalist, claims that she had been recording her conversation with ex-Subway spokesman turned child pornographer and statutory rapist Jared Fogel for years for the FBI. According to WWSB, Herman and Fogel met when the sandwich pitchman visited Sarasota years ago, and Herman thought it was odd he made a comment about how middle school girls were hot. 

Herman said Fogel began to confide in him and claims he admitted to sleeping with more underaged girls than the two counts he's officially been accused of. She claims Fogel talked about having sex with other young girls both in the United States and during trips to Thailand. 

"He had something compelling him inside that he wanted to reveal what he was doing. Did he want to get caught? I don't know," Herman told the station. 

Indeed, federal records indicate that the FBI was tipped off by adult women about Fogel's behavior as early as 2007, and Rochelle claims that she recorded four years of conversations with Fogel for the FBI. 

Broward Woman Flashes Judge in Court 
Police in Broward picked up 54-year-old Susan Surrette for disorderly intoxication. Asked what she does for a living, she claimed she's a porn star and escort working under the name Kayla Kupcakes. But by the time she appeared in bond court, she claimed she had been roughed up by police. To prove it, she lifted up her shirt, flashing Judge John Hurley and everyone in the courtroom. Hurley ended up setting her bond at a mere $100. She posted it, but the judge did order a mental evaluation

McDonald's Robber Arrested After He Returns to Order More McDonald's 
John A. Gampa just couldn't stay away from those fries

Last week, a man robbed a McDonald's over in Cape Coral, and police put out a public description of the suspect. Of course, if anyone was particularly interested in who robbed the McDonald's, it was likely the employees of that particular McDonald's. So when Gampa came through the drive-through and happened to match the description, employees took notice. Perhaps they were doubly tipped off by the fact that Gampa actually brought up the robbery in casual conversation with employees. Workers noted his license plate number and alerted police. When officers went to collect Gampa at his home, he tried to escape on foot and had to be subdued with a Taser. 

Woman Accused of Stealing Jewelry, Wears Stolen Jewelry to Police Interview 
An 85-year-old woman in an assisted-living facility in Palm Beach Gardens told police that $8,000 worth of jewelry had gone missing from her room back in 2014, but while police ran the names of everyone who had access to her room, no further action was taken until the woman noticed a familiar face this summer. The woman was in a rehabilitation center recovering from surgery and recognized nursing aide Candace McCray, 36, as a former employee of her assisted-living facility. 

She then noticed that McCray was wearing her diamond earrings

When police called McCray in to interview her about the theft, the woman was still wearing the earrings. She eventually admitted to stealing the jewelry and having pawned the rest of it. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder