Florida Woman Bites Off Older Boyfriend's Ear

Steve Bolin now joins the likes of Evander Holyfield and Vincent Van Gogh as notable men who have lost their ears.

Bolin, 53 of DeLand, Florida, was fighting with his girlfriend, 32-year-old Sarah Wulchak, when she decided to jump on top of him and bite off his ear.

The argument between the couple started inside Bolin's home when he was eating a bowl of spaghetti. For some reason, Bolin ended up eating his pasta in bed, and according to him, Wulchak jumped on his back and started biting his ear.

He felt a sharp pain in his ear, and after the two physically separated he noticed that the top half of his left ear was missing.

Wulchak left the home, and checked into a local motel.

According to The Smoking Gun, Bolin decided to wait 16 hours before calling police because he wasn't sure if he wanted to press charges. He eventually decided to call because he "couldn't stand to look at his ear."

Wulchak was found at the motel, and claimed she was acting in self defense. She says she only bit his ear to get him off of her.

She was arrested on charges of aggravated battery.

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Kyle Munzenrieder