Florida Woman Beats Ex With Deer Antlers

Deer antlers: Not only are they the dream accouterment of any hunter's living room or an annoyingly prevalent feature of the mid-'00s hipster aesthetic, but also they're a great way to beat up your ex-boyfriend! Just ask Zephyrhills resident Chelsea Harrison. As soon as she gets out of jail anyway.

Harrison had recently broken up with her boyfriend, Terry Nowakowski, and locked him out of their home. The boyfriend decided he didn't much care for that and broke in. Harrison was waiting for him on the other side of the door with a mounted deer head. She proceeded to wakowski Nowakowski with the antlers, reports the St. Petersburg Times:

His ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Harrison, armed herself with a mounted deer head and "began striking him in the face and body with the ends of the antlers until she lost her grip, dropping it to the floor," a Pasco County Sheriff's Office report states. Nowakowski, 20, managed to flee and call for help.

Ah, the one fatal flaw of using a dead deer's stuffed head as a weapon: It has no easy-grip handle.

Harrison, 23, and Nowakowsi, 20, had been living together for three years and have a young daughter together. The pair continued to live together for the sake of the child, but apparently Harrison became upset when Nowakoski phoned his new girlfriend.

Harrison was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.