Florida: Third Happiest State in the Union

Riptide has long been a proponent of changing our official State Song to "Happy Happy Joy Joy," for no other reason than it'd be kind of funny, but now we have cold hard numbers to back us up: According to the Centers for Disease Control, Florida is the third happiest state.

The survey has been collecting data for four years now (so that includes pre-real estate bust numbers) from resident. They also find that happier state are also likely to have better air quality, climate, education, and lower crime.

We rank only behind Hawaii (duh), and first place Louisiana. Wait, didn't a big portion of their population get their lives turned around by a Hurricane just a few years ago? Deep thought time: Maybe you have to lose everything before you truly realize what happiness it.

New York came in as the least happy state, which might, partially, explain this.

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