Florida Teacher Carried on Affair with Student By Pretending to Be Fake Student's Mom

Danielle Reed, a 23-year-old high school English teacher up in Jacksonville, carried on a month-long affair with one of her students. Reed even managed to trick the student's mother into letting him sleep over at her place. How'd she do it? By making up a fake student, and pretending to be his mother.

According to First Coast News, the relationship started last March and ended sometime in June. During the illegal affair the pair engaged in oral sex and full-on intercourse.

In order to spend nights together, Reed told the student to make up a new friend named "Josh," and to tell his mother that he was going to have a sleepover with his new friend. Reed decided to pretend to be Josh's mom, and picked the student up from his home. She even talked to the boy's mother. Of course, how the mom thought a 23-year-old could be the mother of a high school-aged student is a bit beyond us.

The student eventually ended up telling his mother about the affair last month, though its unclear who tipped off the police. Both the student and his mother cooperated with investigators.

Reed, who had just started her second year of teaching at Atlantic Coast High, was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a minor older than 12.

Her students didn't find out what had happened until they showed up to find a substitute in her place. During once class police arrived to confiscate her computer. She's being held on $150,003 bond.

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