Florida Teacher Arrested After Asking If He Can Share Pictures of His Penis During School Board Meeting

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week. On Friday, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: discussion of transgender students' rights hits a new low in Florida, a woman voluntarily shows a cop a video of her buying cocaine, and a man tries to pull off a drive-by robbery at a drive-thru restaurant. 

School Board Meeting Devolves Into Chaos After Man Asks If He Can Show Picture of His Erect Penis
A Florida school board meeting about whether to let transgender students use their preferred bathrooms devolved into chaos after a substitute teacher used his public comment time to ask if it would be all right if he could show a picture of his penis. As if the discussion surrounding the topic of whether certain children should feel comfortable performing basic human functions wasn't ridiculously heated enough. 

The incident occurred Tuesday night during the Brevard County School Board's meeting on whether or not it should merely schedule a future public hearing to discuss its restroom policy. Dean Paterakis decided to get up and share his views. 

Paterakis, incidentally, is running for a seat on that very school board on a platform opposing Common Core curriculum. According to his LinkedIn, Patarakis is a substitute teacher in the district. His campaign website also identifies him as a parent and veteran. 
School Board Chairman Andy Ziegler began the meeting by reminding all in attendance to use classroom-appropriate language. 

When Paterakis got his time to speak, he took issue with the policy. 

"The reason why I am here now is that we are not putting children's safety first," Paterakis said. "When you say... we need to use language that is appropriate in what we do in our schools, [that] should be what we have here. Would it be OK now if I showed a picture of my penis to you guys? Because that's what happened..."

Ziegler reminded Paterakis to use appropriate language. 

"We have a teacher who put his phone onto the big screen and showed, what the students say, was his erect penis," Paterakis responded. He was referring to a 2014 incident in the district in which a teacher accidentally flashed a photo of his genitals on screen. The teacher was scrolling through photos on his phone. The phone was connected to a projector. 

"That's enough, Dean," Ziegler responded. "That's enough. It's not appropriate. No, sorry that's not appropriate."

A deputy approached Paterakis and tried to usher him away. Paterakis instead ended up crossing his legs and arms while lying down on the floor. A total of four deputies had to carry him out of the building. He was arrested and charged with disruption of a school event and resisting arrest.

It's unclear where Paterakis was going with the rant, but in case you're wondering what his views are on the bathroom policy, he's spelled them out on Facebook. 

"I have no problem setting a unisex bathroom for those who choose to use it, but for the majority of children their rights need not to be trumped by special interest groups with an agenda to put your child in danger," he wrote earlier this month. 
Florida Woman Voluntarily Shows Police Officer Video of Her Buying Cocaine 
Last we checked, cocaine wasn't a truth serum, but Kathleen Laroche felt completely open about sharing everything with a St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputy. 

On May 12, a deputy pulled 27-year-old Laroche over after observing her Ford Focus speeding past. Laroche apologized and told the deputy that her license was suspended. This wasn't the last truth she shared. 

The deputy noticed that Laroche had a dashboard camera in her car. According to Off the Beat, the deputy asked Laroche if he could view video from the camera. Laroche said that was fine by her. 

Turns out the dash cam had recorded Laroche buying cocaine just moments before the deputy pulled her over. At that point, with literally nothing left to hide, Laroche also freely admitted the cocaine was in her bra. 

The deputy then went back to the area where the video was filmed and arrested the drug dealer as well. 
Man Tries to Climb Through Burger King Drive-Thru Window in Order to Rob It
"There was no one at the drive-through line and I thought I could get the register and run," Russell Peebles, 41, later told police of his foiled criminal master plan. 

Peebles was indeed going through the drive-thru of a Jacksonville-area Burger King earlier this during breakfast time when he saw the drive-thru window register was unattended. He decided to climb through the window in an attempt to steal it. A customer, Joseph Pietruszka, noticed and tackled Peebles to subdue him. 

When I saw him in the window, he was horizontal, you know, like Superman-style, trying to grab the register,” Pietruszka told Action Jax News

Police arrived and arrested Peebles. He later admitted to the crime and explained he was trying to feed his family. He also said that he thought Pietruszka was a good man. 

Pietruszka was rewarded with a $100 gift card. In an interesting twist, Pietruszka was at the restaurant to grab a quick bit in the middle of a job search. He now intends to return to the restaurant to apply for a job.
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