Florida Son Rubs Dog Poop in Mom's Face After She Denies Him a Shot of Vodka

Congratulations, William Jenkins! We're pretty sure you're now in the running for the worst son of the year award.

Jenkins was arrested on Tuesday after he got mad at his mother for refusing to give him a shot of vodka and decided to smear dog poop on her face.

Jenkins, 22, lives with his 52-year-old mother in Palmetto, Florida. According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Jenkins asked his mother for a shot of vodka, but she refused, so he pushed her.

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After that the mother noticed that the family dog had done a number two on the outside porch. She asked Jenkins to take care of it while she cleaned the inside of the house.

Jenkins told his mom that he had indeed taken care of the business, but she looked outside and noticed that the doggy defecation was still on the porch.

Jenkins told her he wouldn't clean it up until he got that shot of vodka. She once again refused, so Jenkins picked up the dog poop and then rubbed it in her face.

The mother, probably shocked, tried to grab her purse and escape to a neighbor's house, but the son allegedly pushed her to the ground.

Manatee County Sheriff's Deputies arrived. Jenkins denied shoving his mom, but readily admitted to smearing the dog feces in her face because she had yelled at him. He was arrested and now faces one count of domestic battery.

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