Florida Sheriffs Association Comes Out Against Medical Marijuana: #DontLetFlGoToPot

Never expect a cop to be cool about a little bit of pot.

The Florida Sheriffs Association has officially taken a stance on medical marijuana. They're against it. Because you know, it's common practice for sheriffs to take stances on what kind of medical treatment people should be allowed to pursue.

They've even come up with a hashtag to go along with their campaign: #DontLetFlGotoPot. Hip, guys. Real hip. Predictably, almost no one on Twitter is using it.

"We have an obligation to educate our constituents and the people we've sworn to protect," FSA President Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel. "How they vote is their decisions, and we'll abide by their decisions. But we would be remiss by not pointing out that this amendment would allow teenagers to obtain medical marijuana; this amendment allows caregivers with the only restriction that they're 21 years of age. They themselves can be dug dealers, convicted felons or your next-door neighbors."

The group also says that 63 of 67 of its members oppose legalizing marijuana in any form.

The FSA is working to partner with other anti-marijuana groups to present a united fight against efforts to legalize medical marijuana. Floridians will get to decide the issue for themselves in November through a constitutional amendment.

Recent polls show that more than 70 percent of Floridians support the amendment, well above the 60 percent it would need to pass.

Though, the FSA fears a repeat of the problems caused by loopholes that made the state a paradise for those seeking easy prescriptions for prescription painkillers.

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