Florida Republicans Will Save Us From Threat of Obama Dictatorship That Doesn't Exist

A couple of Florida's GOP congressmen, lead by first term Rep. Sandy Adams, read some crazy conspiracy theories on the Internet about how Obama was going to enslave us all into military conscription and forced labor, and decided to file an actual resolution about it. Obviously Allen West is involved.

For 60 years the president has had powers to increase his powers "in the event of a potential threat" like times of war or natural disaster. The same version of this law has been in place since Bill Clinton's term in office, but President Obama decided to update it to reflect the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Otherwise, Obama didn't give himself any powers his predecessors didn't have.

For some reason, right-wing muckrakers wanted you to think he did. The Drudge Report posted a link to a story with the title, "Martial Law?" The right-leaning Washington Times and World News Daily also published bizarre articles about it. "EXECUTIVE-ORDER PANIC: MARTIAL LAW IN THE U.S.?," read the WND headline in dramatic all caps.

Apparently, Orlando-area Rep. Sandy Adams read about this and decided to do something about it. So, according to the Orlando Sentinel, she has "filed a nonbinding resolution specifying what Obama cannot do with the order -- including institute a draft, confiscate personal property and 'force civilians to engage in labor against their will or without compensation.'"

The resolution now has 37 co-sponsors. Six Republicans from Florida have signed on, including Allen West.

To put it bluntly however, legal experts think the resolution is bullshit.

"It's valid to be concerned that the president has too many powers that are justified by national-defense needs," Benjamin Friedman, a defense expert with the libertarian Cato Institute, told the Sentinel. "But this executive order doesn't change much compared to prior executive orders that Republican and Democratic presidents have put in place."

Good use of your time Florida Republicans.

[via Wonkette]

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