Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns Still Questioning Obama's Birth Certificate

Remember when actual elected Republicans were all jumping aboard the birther train and openly questioning whether President Barack Obama was actually a natural-born U.S. citizen? Then the president presented his long-form birth certificate and that seemed to put an end to it? 

Well, apparently not for one Florida Republican congressman. 

Stearns, who represents the Ocala area, takes a question from a member of a town-hall audience about Obama's birth certificate. 

"The question is, is it legitimate?" Stearns replies. 

But don't worry, guys, Stearns isn't that concerned about it and thinks it's probably too late to impeach Obama considering there's an election coming up anyway. 

We would just like to ask Stearns if there is any actual legitimate evidence that the birth certificate is a fake? 

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