Florida Recount Guru Trying To Deny America its First Comedic-American Senator

When following the Diaz-Balart races this fall just wasn't enough for me I'd check in on my pet race, the one for the Senate seat in Minnesota between Al Franken and Norm Coleman. Maybe it's because Minnesotan blood runs through me. Maybe it's because the thought of Stuart Smiley entering congress amused me to no end. Maybe it's because Franken managed to make a true believer out of even notoriously cynical David Letterman who said, "When he talks and he says something, I believe him more than I believe anybody who currently holds a seat in the Senate," which in turn slightly melted my own cynical facade. 

After a ridiculously long recount progress it seems that Franken may actually pull it off, but now Benjamin Ginsberg, a man notorious for helping Bush win Florida's ridiculous recount in 2000, is quietly advising Coleman

Sorry rest of the country, but the manipulative lessons learned because we couldn't run an election correctly eight years ago will continue to screw you even more, and leave a devastated David Letterman more politically cynical than ever. [via CityPages]

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