Florida Ranked 34th Most Healthy State in the Station, Which Makes Us Pretty Healthy for the South

You'd think with all our good weather and miles of sandy beaches, Floridians would have extra reason to stay healthy, but no. According to the latest edition of United Health Foundation's America's Health Rankings, Florida is only ranked the 34th most healthy state in the nation. Of course, we are one of the most healthy states in the South, America's most unhealthy region.

The rankings take into account several factors that include everything form smoking, obesity, air quality, health insurance, violent crimes and diabetes.

Florida found itself in the bottom half for most rankings, but did come in the top 10 for a handful of criteria: 10th for the least air pollution, 8th for the least cardiovascular deaths, 10th for cancer deaths, and 8th for youth obesity.

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However, the state found itself near the bottom in far more categories: 44th for high school graduation, 42nd for violent crime, 46th for lack of health insurance, 42nd for both poor mental health and poor physical health days, 48th for geographic disparity, 48th for high cholesterol, 45th for heart attacks, and 45th for income disparity among others.

Florida however is relatively healthy compared to the rest of the South. Louisiana and Mississippi tied for the bottom ranking. Only North Carolina ranked higher, at 33rd.

Overall, Vermont was ranked the healthiest state in the nation.

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