Florida Postal Worker Seeking Workers' Comp Caught Running Boston Marathon

If you're a government worker claiming to have been injured on the job and seeking workers' comp benefits, it's a good idea to at least pretend to be injured. Jacquelyn V. Myers, a 55-year-old postal worker stationed in Tallahassee, was caught running in the world's most famous marathon -- all while she was actively seeking workers' comp.

Myers, a postal worker who delivered mail to rural areas, claimed she was injured back in May, 2009 during the annual letter carriers' food drive. She said she could no longer physically handle the job of delivering mail and was placed on light duty. She also began seeking workers' comp benefits.

Myers repeatedly told her doctors her condition was not improving and the she was unable to bend and twist at the waist.

Though, her injuries apparently didn't hamper her from running marathons and triathlons.

According to WCTV, during trial prosecutors presented evidence that during the time Myers competed in more than 80 different athletic events. She even ran the Boston Marathon less than a year after her supposed injury.

As a final kicker, prosecutors also provided evidence that Myers' race time actually improved since she was supposedly injured.

She was found guilty on Tuesday of healthcare fraud and making false statements to obtain workers' compensation benefits. She could face a maximum of 10 years in jail for the first conviction, and five for the second. Hopefully her prison has a good gym.

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