Florida Mom Convinces 4-Year-Old That Breathalyzer Lock on Her Car Is a Fun Toy
Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Florida Mom Convinces 4-Year-Old That Breathalyzer Lock on Her Car Is a Fun Toy

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and every Friday, we're here to round up the weirdest. 

Florida Mom Convinces 4-Year-Old That Breathalyzer Lock on Her Car Is a Fun Toy (2)

Florida Mom Leaves Kids in Car While She Goes Out to Drink, Has Child Blow Into Breathalyzer to Start Car
Oh, the rewards of having children. They bring joy into your life, they carry on your legacy, and when you have a breathalyzer lock on your car, they can blow into it for you in a pinch. That last one, at least, is a perk of parenthood for 35-year-old Apopka mom April King. 

This past Sunday, King left her two kids, ages 2 and 4, in a running car in the parking lot of Froggers Grill & Bar so she could go in and get a quick drink. Someone called police, and according to the Orlando Sentinel, when cops arrived, King had noticeably slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. While an officer with a running body camera was interviewing King, he noticed her son climb into the front seat and blow into the breathalyzer lock outfitted on the car. 

Police soon learned it was out of habit. King's husband had installed the lock himself, but she got around it by having the boy blow into it instead. 

"He [told me] whenever I went to pick him up from day care," Doug King told WFTV about his son using the breathalyzer. "He usually gets excited to go home in my truck, but whenever I picked him up from day care, he wanted mommy's car because he thought it was a toy."

April King was taken to jail on charges of child neglect. Her husband refused to bail her out because he thought it might be a better wake-up call than the rehabs she's tried before. 

Florida Mom Convinces 4-Year-Old That Breathalyzer Lock on Her Car Is a Fun Toy (3)

Child Porn Suspect Admits to Being Sexually Turned On by My Little Pony
Listen, we're not going to besmirch the name of the Brony movement (the grown men who enjoy the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, in case you're new to the internet), but there's no doubt that some of those dudes are a bit messed up. 

Agents at the Orlando FBI office identified Alexander Carlsson, a 25-year-old from Longwood, as a potential child porn suspect. Agents raided his home Wednesday, and knowing he was caught, Carlsson was pretty forthcoming. He admitted he collected explicit images of girls between 3 and 16 years of age but also that he was a "clopper" — someone who is sexually turned on by My Little Pony. Because that's not technically illegal, we wonder why he decided to share that information. For what it's worth, Carlsson also said he's turned on by anime. 

Florida Mom Convinces 4-Year-Old That Breathalyzer Lock on Her Car Is a Fun Toy (4)

Ted Nugent Is Coming to Kill Florida's Bears
Rock-star-turned-conservative-stereotype Ted Nugent really, really, really loves to use guns to kill animals. The Alexander Carlssons of the world have their clopping, and Nugent has his hunting. It's just his thing. In fact, he most recently made headlines for defending the killing of Cecil the lion. 

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission caused controversy earlier this year by OKing the first official bear-hunting season in Florida in more than two decades. The move comes three years after the Florida black bear was taken off the list of state-designated threatened species, and hunters will commence shooting bears for a limited time in Central Florida in late October. Permits just went on sale this week, and Nugent was one of the first to sign up. 

The Detroit Free-Press asked Nugent to explain why he's heading to Florida to hunt bears, and he ended that explanation with, "Helloooo! It’s a [expletive] bear!”

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