Florida Marlins Tank in Series With Texas Rangers

Your Florida Marlins just finished their interleague series with the Texas Rangers last night. Good thing the World Cup and NBA Finals were on all week, because -- holy crap -- was it ugly. Here's how it all went down:

Game 1 -- Rangers 3, Marlins 2: Matt Treanor's revenge! Former Marlin Matt Treanor came in to pinch-hit for Texas in the ninth, hitting a triple that handed the Marlins the loss and ruined Josh Johnson's stellar night. It's always the former players and their reprisal-filled agendas! JJ walked off the mound having pitched seven innings, giving up only one run and mowing down seven. Of course, the story of Florida's journey into the Magical World of Suck continues to be the bullpen. This time it was Leo Nuñez who coughed up the win. And when Leo Nuñez is the guy coughing up wins, this team is in major trouble.

Game 2 -- Rangers 6, Marlins 3: Josh Hamilton had a four-hit

night, including a towering home run that is just now passing Alpha

Centauri. Anibal Sanchez continued his string of solid outings, pitching

six good innings and giving up only one run. But then, in the seventh

inning -- *record scratch!* -- the bullpen took over. No need to further

expound on what happened after that.

Game 3 -- Rangers 6, Marlins 4: Marlins pitchers lead the majors in

errors, with 13 so far this season. The Fish were up 3-1 in the fifth

when starter Ricky Nolasco went "yikes and away!" with an errant throw

to third base. The error led to a Texas rally that led to the 4-3

go-ahead score for the Rangers. Hanley Ramirez went hitless in his two

chances to bring runners in scoring position home, and the bullpen did

that thing where it gives up runs in droves. The Rangers whipped out

the brooms and completed the sweep.

Highlights: Chris Coghlan continues to hit the ball and drive in

runs. The bad news: He doesn't pitch.

Lowlights: The entire series was one giant crapfest. You know

things aren't going well when Leo Nuñez gives up leads. Even worse when

Renyel Pinto makes an appearance.

Up next: The Marlins host the Tampa Bay Rays at Sun Life Stadium.

The team will hand out vuvuzelas at Saturday's game. Because watching the bullpen blow more leads is more fun when is sounds like you're being attacked by a swarm of wasps!

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