Florida Marlins Stifling Mediocre Player's Creativity

Surprisingly, Marlins interim manager Jack McKeon and 23-year-old outfielder Logan Morrison don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to Twitter.

On Saturday, the same day McKeon benched Morrison after a 4-for-33 batting slump, the Miami Herald quoted the 80-year-old McKeon telling him that he needs "to start spending more time on baseball and less on that Twitter [stuff]."

The same day, Morrison unveiled a new, oddly professional Twitter avatar that features a cartoon Marlins player with a piece of tape across his mouth, because hey, how dare his bosses tell him to stop acting like an Internet clown even though he can barely hit a baseball anymore and has been nothing but a pile of shitty PR for the club this month.

And the conflict goes deeper than the over-the-top avatar. It was inevitable: To McKeon, Twitter is a mysterious clicky lightbox machine, but to Morrison, it's the only reason people talk about him at all.

It was cute at first -- a few weeks ago Morrison told McKeon that he was going home to "play" with Twitter, and Morrison tweeted that McKeon responded with "what kind of dog is it?" But apparently McKeon doesn't take kindly to getting made fun of on those new-fangled interblags, because now he's started calling Morrison "Twitter." To the press. It's unclear if he means this as an an insult, or if he really thinks Morrison is actually Twitter.

It's not the first time the Marlins administration has gotten peeved at Morrison's big mouth: He caused a big stink earlier this month when hitting coach John Mallee was fired, and administrators told him to shut up -- you know, because your first full season in the majors is probably not the best time to start bad-mouthing your management. And maybe because he's not very good at sounding smart, and perhaps because he's batting .189 in June, including a 1-for-14 slide this week. Pick any of them -- he may have been a big deal when he got called up, but right now he's just another cog in a failing machine, and he's got a bigger mouth than the other cogs.

There's no denying that Morrison is funny when he's tweeting about trying to get an "hour long back scratch or tickle" at the Vinoy or mooning Tampa from a hotel room, but until he picks up the production, it doesn't look like he's catching any slack from Trader Jack.

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