Florida Man Shoots Up Woman's Home After She Refuses to Have Sex With Him

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and on Fridays, we're here to bring you the weirdest. 
Elderly Florida Man Shoots Up Woman's Home Over Sex Refusal 
The Villages is Central Florida's massive planned retirement community that sometimes gains national notice for its reputation of unbridled elderly sex. Yes, the sunny retiree mecca has a dark side. 

Just look at the case of Howard Sparber. 

The 69-year-old had been making sexual advances toward a woman since November 2015, but she had rebuffed his offers. Earlier this week, Sparber got drunk and decided to pull out his Sig Sauer 9mm semiautomatic handgun and shoot up the woman's house. 

Luckily, the woman wasn't injured, but the gunshots causeed an estimated $3,000 worth of damage to her home. She later told police that Sparber had previously pointed the gun at her and that she took steps to avoid him. 

Sparber was arrested on charges of armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling, and criminal mischief. 
Fight Over Yams Leads to Shooting
A 47-year-old man went to a suburban West Palm Beach house party and noticed some yams growing near a fence. Perhaps because West Palm Beach house parties are horribly boring, the still-unidentified man decided to dig up the yams to see how big they were.

Jeromey McCook noticed the man digging up the yams and told him to stop. It's worth noting that McCook did not own the home where the yams were growing, but the Palm Beach County Sherrif's Office report doesn't offer any explanation for why McCook was so protective of the yams.  

McCook, 32, eventually took out a gun and hit the other man over the head with it. He then shot at him. Police interviewed others at the party and the victim but still couldn't put together a motive that actually makes sense. In any event, McCook was arrested.
Florida Man Arrested for Tricking Women Into Sex by Pretending He Was a Country Music Star
Many Miamians might not know who Jason Aldean is, but apparently he's a really, really big country music star. 

Well, Largo resident Daniel Farris was arrested this week for convincing a mentally handicapped woman that he was Aldean. He not only scammed the victim out of $2,000 but also persuaded her to have sex with him by posing as Aldean.

Later, Farris admitted he used the money to fund his addiction to prescription pills. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder