Florida Man Caught With Weed Accidentally Locked Himself In His Own Trunk

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week. On Friday, we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: a man manages to lock himself in his own trunk after smoking weed, a shoplifter is caught because she left her phone and her urine in a fitting room, and a woman makes a bold public plea on behalf of her goats. 

Man Accidentally Locked Himself in Truck, Busted For Marijuana Possession 
A 32-year-old man down in the Keys decided to go for a leisurely stroll on Sombrero Beach in Marathon with a bit of marijuana and his pipe on his person. And when he returned to his car after the walk, he somehow wound up accidentally locking himself in his trunk. 

A Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy responded to reports of a suspicious car parked in a lot near the beach. The 1997 Lincoln Continental was sitting empty with all of its doors open. Even the glove compartment was ajar. The only thing shut was the trunk. When the responding deputy approached he heard knocking coming from the trunk. The deputy told whoever was inside to get out, but a voice responded from the inside that he was stuck, according to KeysNet

The deputy helped the man get out of the truck. Afterward the unidentified man said that he had gone for a walk, but when he returned he couldn't find his keys. He ended up searching his trunk, and somehow wound up locking himself inside. The deputy eventually found the pot and pipe and busted the man for possession. 

Woman Goes On Outlet Shoplifting Spree, Is Caught After Leaving Pee and Her Cellphone in Dressing Room 
Brooke Amber Sutton almost made off with more than $2,000 in new clothes, but was ultimately caught because of what she left behind. 

Last Friday, an employee at the Ann Taylor store at Miramar Beach’s Silver Sands Outlets opened up a fitting room to find a disturbing array of objects: a pile of security tags that had been ripped from merchandise, a cell phone, and a puddle of pee, according to The New York Daily News. Apparently a shoplifter in a rush didn't have time to either make sure she had collected her belongings or use the bathroom.

The employee called police, who then used the cell phone to call the suspect's husband. The hubbie gave up a description of the thief's car. That lead police to Sutton, 27. Turns out she had also ransacked the same shopping center's Saks Fifth Avenue outlet. Altogether she had amassed $2,100 worth of merchandise including tops, jewelry and several pairs of designer jeans. She was charged with two counts of felony retail theft. 

Florida Woman Believes Police Aren't Doing Enough to Prevent Goat Rape 
Caryvilla, Florida resident Sharon Cruz-Pecina has a message for the public: "Please leave my goats alone, please repent, please turn yourself in." 

The woman believes that her goats are being sexually molested, and took her plea to local news station WJHG. She says she bought the goats for milk, and keeps them about a mile away from her home. She says a neighbor informed her that he saw a man messing with the goats, and identified the man as someone who had previously been arrested for molesting animals. She believes the problem is widespread in the area. 

"There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy's home who've had problems of him attacking their goats," she told the station. She's not sure if local police are taken her claims seriously, but the local sheriff's department says they are investigating the case and are awaiting the results of a rape kit performed on one of the goats. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder