Florida Man Arrested for Washing Girlfriend's Mouth Out With Soap

John Vincent Caruso's girlfriend had a dirty mouth, but now he's the one with a dirty criminal record.

The couple was arguing on Tuesday night, and the girlfriend wouldn't stop swearing.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the girlfriend said Caruso was trying to tell her what to do. Caruso responded by telling her to be quiet and threatened to put soap in her mouth if she didn't stop swearing. He also claimed that he was worried the swearing would wake up the couple's young children.

Apparently the girlfriend didn't stop swearing, so Caruso grabbed a bottle of Dawn, came up behind his girlfriend, and shoved it in her mouth. Soap dripped into her mouth and down her shirt, and she even cut her lip on the bottle.

After the incident, the girlfriend left the home and went to her mother's home where she called police. When they arrived Caruso said that his parents used to do this to him all the time, and that sometimes he still puts soap in his mouth when he swears out of respect for his parents.

Caruso was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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