Florida Man Allegedly Ate a Murdered Man's Brain, Said It Tasted Like "Women's Come"

Tyree Lincoln Smith, a Florida man, has been arrested in Lynn Haven, Florida, for allegedly beating a Connecticut man to death with an axe and then eating his eyeball and part of his brain in a nearby cemetery.

According to warrant application obtained by The Connecticut Post, Smith told his cousin that the man's eyeball tasted like an oyster and that his brain tasted like " women's come." Click through to see the warrant for yourself. 

Smith had formerly lived in Connecticut, but had moved to Florida. In December he had returned to Connecticut and knocked on his female cousin's door on the 15th to tell her that he wanted to get blood on his hands. The cousin said Smith was rambling on about Greek Gods, and repeatedly addressed her as "Athena."

He then left and went to a nearby park, and to an abandoned apartment where he used to live. He returned later that night, but the woman refused to let him in. He showed up once again the following night, and told her exactly what he had done in the past 24 hours.

Smith said he went to his old apartment, and fell asleep on the back porch of a second story unit. A man, Angel Gonzalez, awakened him and invited him into sleep in his third story apartment.

Smith then told his cousin he beat Gonzalez with a small axe. The wounds to his head were so severe he was able to scoop out one of his eyes and a piece of his brain. He went to a nearby cemetery and then ate the parts, the taste of which he then vividly described.

Gonzalez's body was only found this Friday, more than a month after the murder by a property inspector. Two days later the cousin finally went to the police with her story. She made contact with Smith via cellphone, and he told her he was living in Florida and had traveled here by bus.

Smith was later arrested by police in Florida.

The cousin told police that Smith had a history of mental illness.

Here's a full copy of Smith's arrest warrant. Needless to say, it's a gruesome read:
Tyree Smith Warrant

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