Florida Man Accused of Bigamy on Facebook

Facebook -- and social media in general -- have been blamed for many relationships faltering. New technology has made it easy to catch someone cheating if the person they're with uploads photos, updates a status, or "checks in" on Foursquare. But we never thought we'd hear this one: A guy was just accused of bigamy because of Facebook.

John France, 63, married Lynn, 41, in 2005 in Italy. Two children and a few years later, Lynn noticed something strange was brewing. Upon checking her husband's Facebook page, she claims to have just realized that her husband was not "always traveling for work," but rather, living in Florida with his new wife, 25-year-old Amanda. He's now being dubbed a "Facebook Bigamist." 

Amanda didn't hide anything, uploading photographs of their 2008 wedding in Disney World, and calling Lynn's sons "her little loves" in her Facebook statuses. Apparently Facebook was the straw that broke the camel's back, and Lynn made her "sudden realization" a nationwide scandal, even going on the Today Show on Wednesday to talk about her husband's supposed double life. 

But what's really unnerving is the fact that Lynn claimed that though she "suspected" her husband might be cheating, she only discovered last year that he was married to someone else because of his Facebook page. Supposedly the only way Lynn sees her children now is through photographs her husband's other wife posts on Facebook from her Ohio home. But is social media really to blame for ignorance?

John fought back by also going on the Today Show, stating that Lynn knew about his courtship with Amanda and their marriage. He also said that though they were married in Italy, his marriage to Lynn was never legal, making it alright for him to marry Amanda, too.

He made Lynn out to look like she's not all there, but almost 3,000 people have joined in on a "Support Lynn France" Facebook page. It claims that John allegedly ran off with the kids, "kidnapping them," and moved everyone to Tampa without Lynn knowing. The page's wall has countless comments stating support for John's first wife.

Sure, technology and social media have played a part in countless discoveries and leaks, but is it really the be-all and end-all cause of potential scandals? We're having a little trouble believing that Lynn thought her husband was away on business with her children for over a year.

See videos of Lynn, John, and Amanda France's sides of the story below, and tell us what you think: Is Facebook really at fault? Or should Lynn have known better?

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