Florida Lawmakers Want to Close Schools on Veteran's Day

State agencies close every year on Veteran's Day, yet schools remain open. Some Florida lawmakers want to change that with the altruistic day that kids will spend the day visiting veterans and watching parades. Note to politicians: kids who get the day off from school just play Wii and watch Wizards of Waverly Place marathons all day.

"This bill has been before this committee I don't know how many times," said Sen. Tony Hill (D-Jackonsville) according to Naked Politics. "We want to honor the veterans."

Hill really does think the kiddies will spend the day honoring veterans in ways other than just playing war simulation video games.

Of course, there's a reason similar bills have come up in the Florida legislature before and gone nowhere: most people realize there's really no way kids are going to actually spend the day hanging out with Vietnam vets, and argue that kids should be in school that day learning about the contributions of veterans to America.

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Kyle Munzenrieder