Florida International University Disses Democracy

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S.

Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be

for Miami New Times. In this special edition, Luke -- who is a candidate for Miami-Dade mayor -- has a few words for Florida International University.

It is a shame that a public institution for higher learning would participate in an event that disenfranchises its non-Spanish-speaking students. Yesterday, Florida International University hosted a mayoral forum organized by Univision that excluded myself and the six other candidates who are not Cuban-Americans. I'm shocked that FIU's leaders would allow such an egregious act of prejudice to occur at Miami's only state college.

I don't want to hear FIU' mouthpiece's excuse that the school had nothing to do with Univision's decision to only invite the four Spanish-speaking candidates. If that was the case, then FIU vice-president Sandra Gonzalez-Levy should not have sent an invite to the entire university from her FIU email work account. I'm also not buying the network's claim that it selected Julio Robaina, Carlos Gimenez, Marcelo Llorente and Jose "Pepe" Cancio based on the amount of money that they have raised. That's bullshit.

The university also insulted its non-Hispanic student population by

not having an interpreter or a blue screen to translate what the

candidates were saying in Spanish. Props to Cancio for being the only one of the four invited panelists to criticize the forum's exclusionary set-up.

University President Mark Rosenberg could have stepped up to the plate by not allowing the school to host a forum that was so blatantly biased. By allowing Univision's event, FIU basically told voters that they should only consider the four candidates with money. Oh, and it's just a coincidence they happen to be the only Hispanics in the race. C'mon man.

I know if the NAACP tried to hold a forum that only invited African-American candidates, I would not show up. To deny FIU's students, faculty and staff from hearing from all the candidates was un-democratic and plain wrong.

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