Florida Inching Ever Closer to Official Blue State Status

Look at this big, bright, blue collection of states we call America. Gallup released their latest report of political party affiliation and it is not looking good for the Republicans. In fact, according to Gallup there's only 4 real red states left, with one leaning. Democrats meanwhile have huge voter advantages in 30 states, with eight more leaning that way including Florida.

In fact, Florida is just a wee bit a way from becoming true blue. Gallup interviewed 8,267 Floridians and surmised that 47% of us are registered Democrats or regularly vote that way. Only 38% of us checked Republican on our voter registration or might as well have. That's a 9 point advantage for Democrats. 10 points would have put us in the "Solid Democratic" league.

This shouldn't be read as a prediction for upcoming Presidential races though. "Solid Democratic" states like West Virginia, Arkansas, and Missouri went for McCain/Palin. Though, party affiliation doesn't always translate into presidential votes, and those states do all have Democratic Governors.

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