Florida Federation of Republican Women Need a Reality Check

The Florida Federation of Republican Women, the same group who last month decided they would laugh in the face of God and boycot The Oprah, is now pissed that the evil, cappuccino sipping, elitist media is ignoring the fact that Sarah Palin has a handful of self-proclaimed feminists following her about. They sent out this press blast yesterday:

"Where are the media reports on this breaking development? Five famous Democratic women cross party lines to support another feminist for Vice President of the United States who just happens to be an accomplished Republican woman and this is not news? Greta Van Susteren of the FOX News Network was the only journalist with enough integrity to write about this amazing accomplishment. This is a sad day for journalism in America and for all Americans," said Linda Ivell, president of the FFRW.

First off, that's just a lie. Greta Van Susteren is not the only journalist to cover this. The Washington Post, CNN, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the UPI news wire all mentioned the women by name in reports before the FFRW's angry press release went out.

Furthermore, there are literally thousands of endorsements flying around every season. Bush's former Secretary of State endorsing the democratic candidate? Pretty big deal. Five feminists supporting Palin? eh, not so much. If McCain/Palin got the endorsement of the National Organization of Woman it would have been huge news, but they didn't. Obama did. Ever heard of Elaine Lafferty, Shelly Mandell, Linda Klinge, or Prameela Bartholomeusz (most apparently former Hillary Clinton backers)? Even if you did, would it actually change your vote if you heard "this breaking development"?

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder