Florida Family Association: "Drag Queen" Barbie Is Only for "Transmos"

David Caton, the founder and sole employee of the Florida Family Association, seems to be an in-joke among journalists. Need a ridiculous quote for your story from someone associated with the Christian right? Contact Caton and he'll certainly supply you with one.

Regarding the hullabaloo over Barbie's new limited-edition "drag queen" doll (which is not officially being marketed or recognized as a drag queen), Caton completely invented a new homophobic slur -- "transmo" -- in his quote for the Daily Beast.

Barbie has been decked out in designer duds for years. Designers such as Bob Mackie, Chris Benz, Zac Posen, and Badgley Mischka have all designed limited-edition Barbies. Those designers are all also openly gay.

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So Barbie's latest collaboration with New York City design duo the Blonds shouldn't have been very controversial. Phillipe and David Blond have designed duds for pretty much every pop star under the sun, including Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney Spears, so a collaboration with Barbie seemed natural.

Phillipe Blond, however, has a penchant for glamorous androgyny and appears in public mostly in women's clothing.

And, well, he just so happens to sort of resemble a Barbie doll himself. So the blogosphere has termed the Blonds-designed dolls "drag queen" Barbies. Barbie's parent company -- Mattel -- and the Blonds say they never intended the doll to necessarily resemble a drag queen, but a Mattel spokesman tells the Daily Beast that "Barbie has the unique ability to spark cultural conversation."

Enter the Florida Family Association, which is basically the one-man outfit of David Caton.

"What parent in their right mind is going to buy their child a drag queen doll?" Caton told the Daily Beast in an email. "The doll may sell well among the transmo market, but will skid in the family market."

Oh Lord, "transmo"? Caton is truly a pioneer in finding new ways to be offensive. He took the already offensive word tranny and combined it with homo and came up with transmo. That's truly cutting-edge bigotry right there.

But drag queen Barbie, or transmo Barbie, or whatever you want to call her, isn't really meant for the family market anyway. She sells for $125 and is geared toward collectors.

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