Florida Drivers Ranked Third Worst in America

The only surprise here is that we're not ranked first. Between Miami's unique brand at driving, old folks who flock to other parts of the state, and people who drive pick ups with truck nuts in our more rural area, no one is going to make a claim that Floridians are experts behind the wheels. Now, a new analysis ranks Floridians the third worst drivers in America.

CarinsuranceComparison.com pulled data from "the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (driving fatalities), the American Motorists Association (which states hand out the most tickets), and MADD (drunk drivers)."

Says the site:

Florida has at least one thing to be proud of: it's in the top ten for drunken driving, at number 7. Unfortunately, it sits at the very bottom for tickets, and one away from the bottom slot for carelessness. All that puts it squarely in the bottom three, and makes Florida car insurance in the running for the highest state insurance!

It's commendable that we have such a low rate of drunk driving, but there's only one way interpret these findings: Florida drivers are worse when they're sober than drivers in other states are when they're drunk.

Though, while we be among the worst driver, we're not quite the most dangerous. The site's previous listing of ten most dangerous states for drivers did not include Florida. However, a lot of states on that list include mountains. Maybe that's why God made Florida so flat. He knew our drivers couldn't handle it otherwise.

[via The Herald]

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