Certain Florida Doctors' assessment of McCain.

Florida Doctors Scared of Palin, Ask For McCain's Medical Records

About 90 Florida doctors have signed a petition asking for John McCain to release his full medical records. No, no, no, it's not a political move they say, they just want a little more info about McCain's fight with skin cancer. Oh, and they're also deathly afraid that if McCain were to kick the bucket then Sarah Palin would become Moose Empress of America, according to The St. Pete Times:

The Florida doctors — many who acknowledge they favor Democrat Barack Obama — say they are raising concerns because if something were to happen to McCain, Sarah Palin would take over.

"It's frightening to me to think she could be commander in chief," said Kathryn Price, a family doctor in Sarasota.

At 72, McCain would be the oldest President ever to enter office. However, he has already released 1,173 pages of medical records this cycle, and in 1999 released what the NY Times called "an unusually large amount of such material for a candidate for high office." Though, his latest bought with skin cancer came in 2000. In contrast, Obama has only released a one page summary of his medical records stating that he is in perfect health.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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