Florida Dem's Ridiculously Bad Anti-Marco Rubio Ad is Ear Splitting

Does anyone know how to make a good political ad in this state? We mean, between Connie Mack IV's monkeys on cocaine ad and Dave Weldon's weird running video, we are starting to wonder. Turns out Democrats can't do much better. The web attack ad they released connecting Senator Marco Rubio to the extremely right-wing Senator Jim DeMint make a good point in the worst way possible. We've seen low-budget, public access kids shows with better production values than this.

Remember singer Peggy March? No, of course not, but she did hit number one on the charts with a diddy called "I Will Follow Him" back in those pre-feminist days of 1963. Well, it's parodied here as "I Will Follow Jim." Did no one realize that if you're trying to reach potential voters on the internet it might be best to use a song that people who use the internet actually remember> The vast majority of people who use social media weren't even alive when this song hit the charts.

The fact that they apparently combed the state's worst karaoke bars to find the ad's singer doesn't make it much better.

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