Florida Democrats Chair on Election Loss Fallouts: "The Bed-Wetters Need to Shut Up!"

After some embarrassing losses in the midterm elections, the Florida Democratic party is full of some finger pointing and infighting at the moment, but the party's State Chairwoman Allison Tant is sick of it.

She told the News Service of Florida that, "the bed-wetters need to shut up, and we need to move on."

This, of course, only lead to more in-fighting.

Tant was specifically addressing a growing controversy over who will be the Democrat's minority leader in the House. Both parties tend to chose their leadership positions for a term more than a year in advance of when the roles are officially elected, and Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach was poised to take on the role.

But he received a last minute challenge from Rep. Dwayne Taylor of Daytona Beach following the loss of six seats in the House.

"He didn't have a plan," Taylor told the Palm Beach Post. "I went to him before the elections and said, 'I think we're going to lose as many as 10 seats.' He said, 'Don't worry about it. We've got a plan. We'll be fine.'"

Meanwhile, Tant is not particularly happy with the situation.

"You know, Mark Pafford should have been able to put together his team without all of this noise," she told the News Service. "I can tell you, I got called by donors -- as late as last night -- telling me how concerned they were: "How do I go to my clients and tell my clients to donate to the caucus when I don't even know if we're building a relationship with the right person?" Why anyone thinks that this kind of craziness is good for the caucus or the Florida Democratic Party or for any Florida Democrat is beyond me."

"You know, you can go ahead and continue to whack each other over the head about what went wrong, what didn't go right, what we could have done better -- the coulda shoulda woulda," she continued. "Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's a done deal! We have to marshal our energies, put on our big-girl pants and move the heck down the road. The bed-wetters need to shut up, and we need to move on."

Taylor, the challenger for the House leadership position, is not pleased with Tant's remarks.

"I think her comments are extremely unprofessional," Taylor told the Post. "I'm raising serious points about leadership. I didn't call Mark Pafford or anyone any names. I like Mark."

Sounds like a fun party!

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Kyle Munzenrieder